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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  October 2, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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and could we. maryland's most accurate forecast is coming up. >> a man died in police custody officers said from swallowing drugs. the medical examiner tells a different story. >> hear from the heroes chris davis and the young gonzalez coming up. >> that's one reason to buy the new iphone. why the extras can add up. abc2news at eleven starts now. >> you needed a crow bar to get out of bed this morning and you can't wait to get back into it tonight. >> that's right. the weather has been a mess. let's check in with wyatt everhart with a look at the all important first forecast tonight. >> it was all about the rain
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today. sometimes too much. now we have the fog developing out there. something you want to factor into your morning travel plans. right now we have just a half mile of visibility being reported at bwi. one third of mile where there have been socked in in the dulles area with fog. this is one foggy scenario. not so much east of the chesapeake, but west of the bay the fog is getting thick and heavy. we have seen the showers diminishing through the night. picking up more than an inch of rain in some spots today. still a huge surge of moisture coming in out of the south and this is going to continue to bring the chance of rain and fog into your morning commute. look for 69 degrees and patchy dense fog. police first told us that a
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man died from swallowing drugs. >> now a medical examiner's report says it's murder. >> jamie and kelly the report lists injuries to his ribs and spleen. three baltimore city officers are now on paid leave. >> reporter: following the his -- following his death it's been called police brutality. the 46-year-old had bluntfore injuries and his death is now ruled a homicide. on the evening of september 1 september 1st his family says he came out of a bar on bittal street when he was confronted by police. his mother, son, daughter, and
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two-year-old grand daughter was there. >> when hewe was telling them that tony was complaining of hurting and that he was just faking because he didn't want to go to jail, and that's not true. >> police confirmed that three officers are on paid leave and drugs were not a contributing factor to anderson's death. lice said he tried to swallow drugs. the family attorney said he will file a civil law suit claiming excessive force. >> people get taken down in the streets every day. they don't die. they don't have their spleens ruptured. >> reporter: the report shows fractured ribs and a rubtured spleen. we don't yet know if the officers will be charged. >> we want them fired, arrested and convicted because if a normal citizen committed homicide they would be behind bars. >> the paid vacation at
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taxpayers' expense should come to an end. >> cheryl conner, abc2news. all new, this is a story we've been following for quite some time. the truck ten will stay open. there was talk of shutting it down because the city didn't have enough money. the mayor found the money from taxes and ticket sales from the grand prix. fire chief james clack says we are safer because of this decision. the mayor added that her administration will not take short-cuts, even in difficult times, when it comes to public safety. so the fire house will live on. chris davis hit one that went from false to the -- his sixth straight game. how about the job that gonzalez
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did tonight. two hits, no runs, on to the ninth. adam jones cuts off nate to make the catch. and that's a run thriller. an one-run thriller. 1-0 orioles. and after high fives and hand shakes they went in to watch the red sox game. it's all tied up at 3-3. christian schaffer is live in st. pete. >> what's going on in the bronx? >> just a nail-biter the whole way. and 15 strikeouts and one home run from chris davis. i'm standing on the field right now. look out, there's a 404 feet sign. if you look up there's that over hanging roof with the word rays on it. his home run was on the top of
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the r on rays. a titanic blast of 440 feet, they said. it was the only run the orioles needed. >> just a bit better than last night. >> we're going for the win! yeah! a tense one -- >> reporter: a tense one-run game, but in 2012 the orioles don't just lose one-run games. fans have one eye on the field and one eye on this scoreboard for much of the game. starting pitcher miguel gonzalez said it's been a great ride. >> it's been great n. i'm happy -- great i'm happy for all of our players and staff. we've been doing a pretty good job. >> chris davis has home runs in six straight games and i asked
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him if the ball looks like a beach ball when you're that high. >> i don't know that it does, but there are times where you feel comfortable at the plate and you feel you can hit anything in the strike zone. and i felt like that at bat tonight. the two two at bats, it was just domnot tonight. >> -- dawninant tonight. >> he was talking about 15 strikeouts. unbelievable. that's the kind of season the rays have been having, but the orioles one another one-run game and they are now watching the red sox, yankees game. they tied in the 9th inning. the red sox were about to win, but we'll see if they come out. >> do they still feel loose in the clubhouse? >> they sure do. they're hanging out, watching
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tv, playing little card games. they just seem like a loose bunch excited to be here. miguel gonzalez, he looks like a little kid walking through there, but he just pitched a great game. >> all right, christian. again, pujoya is on first base at the top of the 12th. in the orioles and yankees kind of tied, they would have what's called a tie-breaker in baltimore. that's coming up on thursday. but tickets, very nice seats are still available online, so you may want to go there right now. and we want to see your orioles pride. send your pics into our >> all right, james. a man who police say broke
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into and ran from a roller park home is dead. he fell to his death from the balcony after being swatted by the home owner. it was yesterday people saw a man the on the third balcony of a home. the man tried to slide down the side of the house when thee lost his grip. he fell 26 feet and was pronounced dead at the hospital. after a series of abductions in the city of baltimore county, police have three suspects. three women and two victims were sexually assaulted. according to police, all victims were targeted at bus stops. they were robbed at gunpoint. two suspects were arrested last night. authorities suspect that there could be more victims. so if any of this sounds familiar, you are asked to contact police right away.
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a baltimore county firefighter is accused with sex eel abusing -- sexually abusing three boys back in may. anthony cottle is a probationary firefighter and is now suspended without pay. and this is like a make shift view. 40 animals were pulled out. not just dogs and birds, but atria lu, a chinchilla, and eve an pig. animal control says the animals were not kept properly. taylor says his goal was to adopt them out. >> i don't go looking for animals to take because it takes a lot of work. it really does. so i don't go outlooking for animals -- i don't go out
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looking for animals. but if i have the capacity, then i'm more than willing to help out. >> during the sommer animal -- summer animal control tried to work with taylor he gave up ten animals to them with the promise he wouldn't take more in. new tonight, you go to high school and you love the game of baseball so much you stay local and you play college ball. well the former general manager of the braves donated a bunch of money to towsen university. but they are thinking of ending their baseball program because of the cost to run. they are also thinking of eliminating men's soccer. the mount washington tavern is ready to open.
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we have brand new video. this clip surfaced on the internet. it appears to show american journalists blind folded and being led by a group of armed captors. it's been weeks since his family has heard from him. the state department believes that austin was detained by the syrian government. then a shootout leaves one border patrol agent dead and another hurt tonight. police are out there, the fbi, they are all searching for clues. nickelous ivy died. the fbi says there was more than one shooter and the last time we had a boarden agent killed, you have to go back to -- border agent killed, you have to go back to 2010. the iphone 5 is out and it comes with a price tag of hundreds of dollars.
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but that's just how much you'll pay for the phone. coming up next, the extra expenses you may come up with when upgrading your phone to the latest and greatest. >> check out our abc2news weather app. >> and have you started thinking about holiday shopping? you may end up spending moniliases year, but some -- more than last year, but some store owners could be up for --
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retailers have expecting some big things out of this holiday shopping season. holiday sales are expected to be up 4% over last year. consumers are expected to use mobile and social options to do more shopping. so sales at brick and mortar stores are going to take a hit. so expect lots of promotions to shop at local stores.
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apple sold more than 5 million iphones in its first week of relee. many people hope to buy one very soon. it could cost you more. >> reporter: now that the iphone 5 is here, most ple fans are planning on buying one or waiting for their contract to hend. be sure to stash away more many for all the cases, cords, and adapters you'll need. >> reporter: apple fans can barely contain their excitement over the larger and lighter iphone 5. >> it feels awesome. >> reporter: but if you're still in the bubble, you want to know the pros and cons before belonging the phone's sharper and larger
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display makes things so much better. >> you get five days of actual. >> reporter: you get faster 4glte service, bigger speakers and a smaller conductor. >> it can go in either direction. that could ada lot of cost tayour phone. you'll have to buy a 29 or $39 adapter. many spokes will need -- folks will need a lot of adapters. >> plus 50 there is for two connectors coming to $300 not including activation fees, but to many it's worth it. >> all this looks compared to what the phone will cost if you're not eligible for an
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upgrade. it could cost between $450 and $650 just for the phone itself out of contract. he can coach and he can teach, but it was a man's skills that were put to test. >> these four contestants all skyping from home will try to correctly guess what america is thinking. >> they answer poll questions for cash when it came down to a tighten mike and another contestant. they had to dash the cash. mike came up short, missing a chance at $50,000, but he was still on cloud 9. >> are you guys ready to play? >> i just couldn't believe it. my family that's been on the game show, it was just really exciting for me.
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>> how about that. you can catch let's asking ask america every -- let's ask america every week night at 7:30. with october being breast cancer awareness we are working on a special house call segment tomorrow from 5:00-6:30. we will have answers to all of your calls about breast cancer. this was the scene last year as we were lacing up our shoes and running for a good cause, racing for the to treatment of women touched in our local area. >> with less than 20 days for the coleman race for the cure, sunday october 21st you can register and pick up the phone and give them a call at 410433race. >> now, maryland's most
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accurate forecast. >> latest look show as couple showers beginning to creep in out of virginia. although the rain was the big deal, obviously thinks are changing out there. checking the mail late this evening, you can see the difference as that fog begins to roll in here. tough to see the skyline, the fog is so thick. we have a lot of moisture on the ground. so as a result, this is the perfect recipe for some fall fog. a little bit of fog that has not thickened up completely on the susquehanna river, but we take you to laurel. fog is picking up into the laurel area. you can see dense fog here as well. so fog will be the story
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overnight and i think into your morning commute. moisture in place over most of maryland. dewpoint numbers way up in the mid 70s. that plus the cooling off overnight, nothing to stir the air, we're seeing the visibilities drop. east of the chesapeake, not so bad. you can have headaches maybe some airport trouble at dulles and down at regan. you can see the visibility is less than half a mile in baltimore. so a foggy deal tonight and into tomorrow morning. eventually the fog will lift. you see the setup with trumending moisture here. -- tremendous moisture here. and the overall setup across the east is a tremendous amount
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of moisture still surging up the eastern seaboard. we still have the over all system impacting us. we're in the warm sector now. tomorrow it will be mostly cloudy most of the day. we'll warm cooperate be in the mid -- we'll warm up and be in the mid to low 80s. then the drier, slightly cooler air will come in on friday. drops in for the weekend. tropics are still watching a big area likely to become our next named storm. tonight, 67. rain has taperer off and will -- tapered off and will continue to do so. tomorrow mid 60s and humid. you can see the outlook ear will change here -- here will change quite a bit after some warm days ahead. be ready for change. that's what we call for in october.
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we may never get out of the 50s on sunday. so that, plus some rain. catch up on your movies. a little sports action. >> all i know is that the yankees won. listen, they can still lose tomorrow. everything is tied for thursday, all right? >> making sure you are getting to where you have to get to on time. we have some spots that you should try to avoid tonight. here's lauren cook. >> if you are traveling on 695, there is construction taking place on the interway that blocks the off ramp to hawkens point role. and sinkhole repairs to continue to shut down east monument. that's between wolf street and patterson park avenue. it is expected to be fixed in two weeks. i'll be tracking delays tomorrow on good morning maryland, beginning at 4:30. >> much more of abc2news at
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eleven coming up. >> he was paid to eat a fast- food meal every day for a big fat experiment. we'll follow this human guinea pig as he goes on a three month bender. >> plus we explore america's unchartered canyons. that's coming up on night line after abc2news at eleven.
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oh, please don't call me "pumpkin." no, that's white chocolate and pumpkin. oh. pumpkin. ha ha! you've never tasted pumpkin like this. try new pumpkin white chocolate or pumpkin mocha coffees and lattes today.
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you ever get so excited that you break something? you're not alone. this is tailor cox after scoring his second score of the game, he jumps into the boards
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and broke the glass. he wasn't hurt and the titans went on to win 4-1. ryan thompson took his girlfriend up in a plane to see chicago. midway, he told her the plane was in trouble and told her to read the emergency instructions. as the plane goes down, it says begin wing engagement procedureturns out it was a proposal prank. she wasn't upset. she accepted the proposal. >> i might have to think twice. >> where's the parachute, i'm out of here. >> she said yes. she said yes, so maybe she knows better than we do. dense fog a good possibility oh, so just give your -- overnight, so give yourself a little extra time in the morning.
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be careful with that fog tomorrow morning. >> still some rain in the forecast. >> we'll see you tomorrow. have a good one. krystal conwell : we see a lot of problems with the...
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number of students that we have. resources. materials. things that the children need... on a day-to-day basis. anncr: question seven will help. the department of legislative services says question seven... will mean hundreds of millions of dollars... for schools...from gaming revenues that would have... gone to other states. and independent audits will guarantee the money... goes where it's supposed to. krystal conwell: i think people should vote for question... seven because i think it will be a great benefit to children.
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